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The Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau is a non-profit organization, founded in August of 1997 by the initiative of various important companies in the tourism sector. Its main objective is to strengthen Cartagena de India?s position as the preferred destination for congresses, conventions, fairs and incentives..

The Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau is the essential link between the event and the city, offering advice and support for planning and promoting your event in Cartagena, free of charge.



The Cartagena de Indias Convention and Visitors Bureau is a private, non-profit association that promotes and positions Cartagena de Indias and the department of Bolivar as the ideal destination for business tourism. The Bureau represents and works to enhance the competitiveness of the actors involved as well as the sector as a whole.


In 2020 Cartagena de Indias is the first destination of choice in Colombia for business tourism and a preferred destination in Latin America. The Cartagena de Indias Convention and Visitors Bureau is recognized as the focal point for managing and representing this business sector.

Our Services



  • Organization and logistics in order to welcome the client into the city.
  • Connection and teamwork with Procolombia to promote a countrywide presence.
  • Support in inspection visits.
  • Integral counseling in the specific market of their event.
  • Counseling in the selection of infrastructure and necessary services.
  • Initial contact and the pursuit of quotes with local suppliers associated with the Bureau.
  • Promotion of the event on our web page.
  • Support in negotiating sponsorships with our associates.
  • Support with destination material for promotional stands of the event.
  • Informational stand with information about the destinations, tourist plans, and associated establishments.


  • Through our website we receive requests for information and quotes for events, which are sent to our partners in order to generate business options.
  • The Cartagena Convention Bureau attends trade fairs, promoting the destination and its partners. Subsequently, it sends an executive summary with the contacts and specific requests of the potential clients of its partner.
  • We send a compilation of the events taking place in Cartagena de Indias for the exclusive use of our partners.


  • Convention Bureaus are renowned for their exclusiveness at an international level. They act as seals of approval for those wishing to hold events and as negotiators when conducting business.
  • Through the Bureau, your brand, products, and services can be promoted in national and international fairs.
  • The Cartagena Convention Bureau participates in international conferences and events in order to provide information to participants and promote the services of our partners.
  • Through contacts we generate sales calls that result in increased business.
  • Those associated with the bureau can make use of our corporate image, logo, slogan, etc.
  • Inclusion in the promotional material of the Bureau.
  • The complete description and contacts of each of the partners will be part of the membership directory included in all promotional material of the Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau.
  • Indirect media coverage through communication management and public relations advances the Cartagena Convention Bureau.


The Cartagena de Indias Convention & Visitors Bureau offers all the expert support you need to develop your event in Cartagena de Indias. Let us help you. If you are planning a conference, convention, incentive, wedding, or other event please contact us!

Executive Director

Telephone: (57)(5) 6700060
Cell phone: (57)3104039207
Communications Advisor

Telephone: (57)(5) 6700060
Cell phone: (57)3215419173
Administrative coordinator

Telephone: (57)(5) 6700060
Cell phone: (57)3215419173
Director of Tourism Meeting

Telephone: (57)(5) 6700060
Cell phone: (57)3126951604
Analista de Mercado

Telephone: (57)(5) 6700060
Cell phone: (57)3215419173
Telephone: +57 (5) 6700060
Fax: +57 (5) 6685646
Mobile: +57 321 5419173

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