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Cartagena de Indias is a diverse city with colonial architecture and quaint streets. The historic center - referred to as the "Walled City" - with its streets, houses, and balconies, is living evidence of the architecture of a colonial Spanish town.
Cartagena, a city steeped in history, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984, and its military architecture was proclaimed Colombia's fourth marvel.

Visitors will discover endless hues in the marvelous pastel-colored sky, crystal clear waters shinning under the burning golden sun, green lush vegetation, and welcoming people. Tourists will experience the magic of a city that has its eyes wide-open to the world, where global culture and local traditions fuse in a remarkable way.


Why Cartagena is an ideal location
for events?

A magical city

Besides being a city with a unique historical and cultural tradition, Cartagena offers event organizers and participants an unforgettable experience, combining a colonial legacy with impeccable organization, broad experience, and the structure required to host large international events.

Hotel Infraestructure

The city boasts a wide and varied range of hotels. There are many hotels to chose from in Cartagena. Hotels along its nineteen kilometeres of beach or in its historic distric, in properties that were once convents, cloisters, and colonial palaces home to duques and viceroys, now boutique hotels.

The Heroic City, as it is known, also offers luxury hotels from the most important national and international chains, from which Cartagena?s bay, known as one of the most beautiful in the world, can be seen.

Uniques settings, flexible infrastructure

Cartagena is known for having the best venues for both national and international events, offering a wide variety of halls and convention centers, fitted with the best technology and the highest quality of service infrastructure.

The walled city and its fortresses offer unique settings for unforgettable events. Each lends an air of elegance and romance, well suited for galas, social events, and magical closing ceremonies. The most remarkable locations are the following:

Baluarte San Ignacio: 500 p.


Plaza de la Aduana: 3.000 p.


Castillo de San Felipe: 800 p.


Teatro Adolfo Mejía: 400 p.



Cartagena has a strategic geographical position in the Americas. Located in the northwestern corner of South America on the Caribbean Sea, equal distance between North and South America, making it easy for arrivals from around the world.

Cartagena’s Rafael Nuñez International Airport (CTG), is located within the city limits and only 10 minutes away from its historical centre. The airport receives nearly 300 direct domestic flights per week. We have direct connectivity with: Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Nueva York y Panamá.

About Cartagena de Indias

General Data

  • Population: 1.030.149 inhabitants.
  • Climate: Tropical humid.
  • Temperatur: 20c a 30c
  • Relative humidity: 90%
  • Access: Air, marine, fluvial and terrestrial.
  • Localization: 10c a 20' north latitude - 73c 33' latitude west.
  • Altitud: 2 meters above sea level.
  • Extension: 609.1 Km 2
  • Currency: Colombian Peso.
  • Economic activity: Tourism, petrochemical, port and logistics industry.

Noteworthy Factors of the City

  • We have the privilege of having charismatic, kind and honest people.
  • We have been site of important events of national and international level.
  • We have one of the most important coralline barriers in the country.
  • We count with more than 11 kilometers of Colonial walls and forts which turn into unique spaces to hold events.
  • We were declared World Heritage Site by the Unesco in 1984.
  • We have the largest colonial military fort in Latin America.
  • We have 19 kilometers of beaches with warm waters during the whole year.
  • We have a beautiful Historical Center where one can relive the events that took place in Cartagena de Indias.
  • Our history makes us to be a unique and interesting city to each traveler that is interested in getting to know the City.
  • In Cartagena one can enjoy the best gastronony, distinguished typical coastal dishes and specialties of the most exquisite sea food.

For more information about Cartagena de Indias visit the Official Website of Cartagena de Indias:

Forms of

Air: We have an airport, "International Airport Rafael Núñez" located to only 15 minutes of the tourist-hotel sector and to 10 minutes of the walled center.

Sea: To Cartagena, one can arrive, coming from the Caribbean Cruises of Important Lines of the World. Due to its strategic position, it is a passing port obligatory for the routes that travel the sea. some of the More outstanding shipping lines that have docked in Cartagena are: Pullmantur, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, among others.

Land: Cartagena has a Terminal of Land Transportation into which arrive all the bus routes that link the city with the other urban centers of the region and of the country.

Telephone: +57 (5) 6700060
Fax: +57 (5) 6685646
Mobile: +57 321 5419173

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